Who We Are

“Where you go I will go” Ruth 1:16

NAOMI stands for North central Area congregations Organized to Make an Impact. We aim to bring together communities of faith to create community, build leadership, and to identify and act on issues of injustice.

Faith communities covenanting with NAOMI are united based on shared values such as equality and human dignity. We work with congregations and people of faith in collaboration with community partners and public officials so all have a voice and a role in bringing about strong and just communities.

As an organization that works to address systemic change, we are often engaged in public as well as political affairs. A non-partisan group, NAOMI is comprised of members of all political parties; we do not endorse candidates or parties. We believe in the need to build relationships with all elected officials and in the need to hold public officials accountable, no matter what party they represent.

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current Treasurer for NAOMI, former President and charter member in 2010...