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Without doubt we human beings love our planet.  And without doubt we love the wonderful creatures we share it with.  How vital it is, then, that we fully appreciate the power we, and our nearly eight billion brothers and sisters, have over all that we so dearly cherish.  How crucial it is that we recognize the importance of our every act, how each of our decisions impacts all that we prize.

Almost overnight we became aware of how plastics had gradually and quietly entered every corner of our lives.  And almost overnight we discovered that what we thought about recycling all that plastic was wrong.  That, in fact, only about ten percent of all our plastics actually get recycled.  

As for the rest?  Around the world, the plastics we thought we were recycling are actually being burned, land-filled, dumped into our oceans or just discarded along the side of the road.  Worse, plastic does not bio-degrade harmlessly into the soil. Instead, it breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces that now float in the waters we all drink, drift in the air we all breath and clog the soil we all grow our food in.  

Shockingly, the creatures we love are dying from eating our plastic waste.  No one knows what will happen to us and to our children as more and more plastics enter our bodies every day.  What we do know is this has to stop – now!

Your friends and neighbors, the people who make NAOMI a caring, action oriented group know we must do what we can to keep plastic out of our shopping carts and, ultimately, out of our bodies.  We are doing what we can to help and have designed this information page to help too.

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PBS – Plastic Wars Video

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